A new year and a new blog

Begin as you intend to proceed (or something like that). Welcome to the new Keswick Blog! Happy New Year!

Monday thru Friday (and occassional weekend) I’ll be publishing new posts – about anything and everything. Often on life around the Badger house in the ‘wick (that’s my house) but probably just as often life in general, food, praise and pokes, and product and service reviews. There will be my rants, my take on the absurdities of life and living and, I hope, lots of pictures. Oh, and just because I love them so much, there will be the occasional giveaway – ’cause really, who doesn’t love to get free swag? 🙂

Some posts will be long, some will be short, some will be serious and some will be ridiculous. That’s just how I roll.

So, welcome. Come back often, leave your comments, tell me what you want to read about and what you think of what you’ve read. Suggestions, comments, or rants of your own are always welcome.

Oh, and my name is Allison. Depending my on mood, I sometimes also go by the monkier Honey Badger. Youtube it or Google it if you haven’t stumbled across the infamous Honey Badger yet. It’s not kid friendly, there is lots of ‘language’ and it’s so wrong, but on certain days for me, it’s just so right.

See you tomorrow!

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