Bucket List update – Six weeks in and the results are not so much pretty.

Yikes! I had better step up my game and quickly! I only have four weeks left to get four months worth of challenges done. Oh yeah. I got this.

The many moods and personalities here this summer.

The many moods and personalities here this summer.

Or, maybe I don’t. Here’s the rundown so far:

1. Go for daily walks (not strolls) for a minimum of 45 minutes.
This has fallen by the wayside. While we were away, we were doing a lot of hiking daily, but since we’ve been back, walking to pick up the mail and over to the park is about as much walking as I’ve managed (aside from ‘normal’ walking!)

2. Organize and declutter the linen closet.
I’ve tidied it up, but it’s still basically the same, in terms of being an abyss of fabric.

3. Go for a bike ride with the kids three times a week (at least).
The kids are on their bikes almost daily. My bike remains hiding in the back of the shed, hoping I won’t remember it. Need to dig it out.

4. Go to the library weekly.
We are killing this one. Aside from the week we were away, we’ve been there every single week borrowing more books and movies. Miranda is addicted to the ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ series. What’s old is new again.

5. Do a family field trip to see a Blue Jays game.
No progress on this one yet. Need to get tickets and a date sorted if we’re going to do this.

6. Paint the laundry/powder room, including refinishing the cabinets.
I was thinking to start emptying out the cabinets this weekend, but need to talk to Mr. K.B. about it because I’ll need some help from him to take the cabinets down and figure out the baseboard etc.

7. Take my minion army to a splash pad at least once a week.
We’ve been a few times, but they it’s been chilly every day we think of it and other days it’s not fitting into our schedule. But hosing them off in the backyard has worked out well!

8. Deal with ‘Draft’ blog posts once and for all.
Still slogging my way through the list. I’ve deleted a few more, since they were time-sensitive and don’t make sense anymore. And a few that were little more than a sentence or two and I no longer remember where I was going with them. And I’ve finished and published a few. Of course, I’ve also added a few new ‘Drafts’ to the list, but I think I’m still coming out ahead on this one so far.

9. Do a big field trip to the ROM, complete with GO Train rides.
This is happening this month. And Nana is going with us, so we’ll omit the train ride but add TTC buses and subways to the roster. First time for my minions, about the jagillion billionth for Nana and I, but it’s been long enough since I’ve ridden it, that I’m sure it will  be fun. 😉

10. Go and visit with Nana once a week.
We’re doing well with this one too. Again, aside from the time we were away this summer, we’ve made it into the city to see Nana every week. Is there ever an age when we don’t need our mama’s? I really don’t think that there is.

11. Create, frame, and hang individual chore lists for each of my minions.
I admit that I had forgotten about this goal. I’ll work on it while they are at day camp. Should be able to get all four done tickety-tock.

12. Go for one lunch and one dinner picnic each week.
Has not happened weekly. May need to adjust this one a bit.

13. Blog twice a week.
I’ve been blogging more consistently, updating the blog’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages with micro-blog posts almost daily. So, I’m calling this one a win.

14. Set up a new bed for Pax, re-arrange the furniture all the minion’s rooms to optimize their spaces.
Not done. But it needs to happen this month, so it’s time to pull out the calendar and start scheduling these bigger-type jobs so that I create time to get them done, instead of trying to fit them into ‘leftover’ time.

15. Make sure we get some family time at the cottage.
Done! I haven’t gotten around to blogging about it yet, but our time there included lots of sunshine, thunderstorms, swimming, fishing, roofing, plumbing, repairs, and destruction. There were books read, puzzles built and wild raspberries consumed on a daily basis. There were bites, stings, and a quiet afternoon spent in the ER (everyone is fine!). All in all, we packed a\lot into our cottage time and can’t wait to do it again (perhaps this time skipping the destruction, stings, and ER 😉 )

Cottage kitchen table. Sums up things well - book, puzzle, bananas, pump manual, water bottles, notebook and pen.

The common view of the cottage kitchen table. Sums up things well – a great book, a difficult puzzle, ripe bananas, a pump installation manual, fresh water bottles, a dead moth, a notebook and a pen. What else could we possibly need?

16. Read one book a week (for myself, no pictures, no large font 😉 ).
I have read TWO complete books – cover to cover. Doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, especially since I was once a book-a-day reader, but two books in five weeks beats the hell out of my last year record of one book for the year…

17. Go for nature walks weekly.
Since we’ve been back, we haven’t ventured too far into the forest, but we’ll likely rectify that this weekend.

18. Wash the car with the kids twice a month.
Nope. Haven’t done it once yet. I think the kids and I will tackle washing the van the week after next, since Mr. K.B. just did a top to bottom wash of it last night. It looks so good now!

19. Re-vamp the basement space.
I have not gotten to this task yet. I did tackle the storage under the stairs, but there is still the kids area, the dance room, the winter gear and kitchen overflow to manage, sort and organize. So far, I’ve pretty much just avoided interacting with the basement.

20. Crochet blankets (lapghan or better) and/or scarves for my minions.
Really need to get on this. Not sure what my issue is, but I just need to pick up the hook or loom and GO. Starting this on Sunday evening.


This sums things up nicely.

I’m apprehensive to really do an objective analysis of my progress so far, so I’m slipping on my rose-coloured glasses and deciding that I’m going to be happy with what I’ve done so far but also still strive to do more, do better, and have fun with the summertime we have left this year.

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