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Guys, I think I’m making a pig’s ear of this parenting gig

Preamble: Kids need to play outside. I mean, fresh air, physical activity, rosy cheeks and bright eyes, right? All good things that help promote healthy mental health (awkward, much?) and…

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If you need to know what love is, feel free to ask my eight-year-old. He knows the answer.

A friend on Facebook, who has a small army of young, adorable children, recently posted a list of questions to ask your kids, typical stuff like “what’s your name, age,…

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Is his depth equal than or greater than my ditz?

A brief, recent, and real exchange with Paxton, age 7 1/2 years. Pax, while eating his lunch: “In life, you just gotta have a lotta patience.” Me, half listening: “Hmmmm?…

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