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I wish I could say that I was surprised, but honestly? I wasn’t. This is the most violent collection of random words I could reasonably land on without tampering with the results (well, without tampering save for that one day that I ran the random test three times. *shrug*

I have been giving more thought to my idea of using the words of the day to compose a short story, poem, or paragraph at the end of each week and I suspect that I feel the quiet swirling of creativity beginning to stir just behind my rib cage (just to the left of my liver, maybe). At least, I think it’s my liver? While I know for certain that my gallbladder was removed, I am almost positive that I am otherwise in possession of a complete set of internal organs. At this point, I should probably share with you that I dropped grade ten biology as a “conscientious objector” to dissection of innocent frogs and as such I reserve the right to be wrong about what comprises a complete set of organs. That was the one and only time my parents were called into the school and they took my side. In hindsight, I may have benefitted had I been forced to face my revulsion to the dead frog unit. Working through the unit may have helped me to deal with and get over my absolute inability to be within five feet of any formerly living organism without feeling my insides turn to liquid and my blood pressure plummet. To state the obvious, I am not a hoot at funerals where the recently deceased has opted for a viewing/casket service. Cremation though? That’s where I shine and I’m the life of the party. Ugh. That was an unintentional and completely useless pun. The life of the party at a funeral? Damn. And I was so sure I would be far less awkward and lame when I hit my forties, but naturally my brain had other plans, and here we are.

Shot. Our random word of the day, on this overcast and potentially thunderstorm-y Thursday. To recap, our words this week so far, have been: erosion, sloven, bridge, and lecher. Shot seems to be a fine fit with this collection of potentially grimy words. Stay tuned tomorrow and find out if we finally get a pretty, frilly, sparkly word to fancy up this macabre word casserole.


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