And we are MOVED! Now the real fun begins…

Yesterday the big truck came and moved all of our furniture and the like to our new home. Now, the task of unpacking, continuting to purge and organize will begin. OMG I have SO MUCH TO DO! But I’m so, so happy to be in the new house and just know that it’s going to be an amazing move for our family and our futures. My eldest son decided not to move with us, so he has moved in with a friend’s family and while I wish he had choosen differently and that I could have all my babies with me now, and while that makes things bittersweet for me, I know that he’ll find his way and be ok too, ’cause Momma just knows it.

I’ll update and post more later, once I have time to find the power supply to my laptop, because right now I am on borrowed battery time – opps!

But even more importantly, where the hell are all my clothes!?!?!

Happy, happy days 🙂

Spotty Attendance For The Next Month Or So…

We are closing on our new home this week.  We move at the end of the month.  Between closing and moving, we have rooms to paint, roofing to do, carpets to install, carpets to clean, two entire houses to clean from top to bottom and still feed everyone, get everyone to school, Tae Kwon Do, dentists, doctors and the like.  Now, I know what ya’ll are saying “Well, Honey, June Cleaver would do all of that and more while serving homemade, fresh-from-the-oven biscuits to Wally and the Beav (and really – what kind of names are those for your children, June??) while donning a leather-and-lace garter belt and FM heels get-up for Ward and serving up his evening martini from her cleavage.  So quit-yer-bitchin’ chica.”  And while I don’t disagree that June could probably do all that, she only had two children deal with and I have five. So I win, June.  Eat it.

And speaking my five lovelies have I mentioned that 5 and 7 fight like MMA ultimate fighters at the drop of a hat and that  3 and 1 have a love-hate-love again thing going on that usually ends in tears or giggles (these emotional rollercoasters bite).  So, with the move and all the house stuff we have on the go, I have a feeling that we’re in for some good times…

But, I’ll try to post pictures as much as possible along the way and plan to do our Good Friday and Easter Sunday report later this week.  Between packing, puking (it’s just stress and nerves, people!) and refereeing I have nothin’ but time on my hands. *grin*

And, with that, Honey Badger, the happy, stressed, funny and frazzled housewife, pulls herself voluptuous self together regains her sense of fabulousness and posts:


The Sign Makes it Official!

Wooooooo Hoooooooo!

I am so looking forward to the challenge of moving our family into our new house.  True to form, my first stop was the Keswick branch of the Georgina Library  to procure all types of books about moving houses, planning, organizing and living thru the experience 😉

Now, I just need to find where I can procure an extra hour to read thru my finds and jot down my own lists *grin*

I’m rocking the fancy words today, no?

Better late than never – The Badger NYE 2011

Have I mentioned that our house has been on the market for the last couple of months?  One thing after another appears to have thwarted our efforts to sell and purchase a much bigger home to house our feral monkeys.  Why does that matter for NYE 2011?  Well, we weren’t expecting to still be here in the New Year and many of our possessions, including things that we tend to need for daily living are in storage.

There is nothing like trying to sell your house to  test your grit.  It’s hard.  It’s tiring.  It’s disheartening and frustrating.  It’s a freakin’ rollercoaster ride that hits the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  In a nutshell, I don’t want to do this again, so it better sell soon (like in the next week or so, please?).

Anyway, so we’re here and starting 2012 anew.  I have a whole slew of goal, dreams and challenges I have set for myself.  Far too many to share (ok, far too many embarrassing ones to share), but one of the more benign ones is to be more adventurous, to try new things and stop saying ‘no, thank you’ out of habit and fear and say ‘yes, please’ to new and different experiences and situation.  No more hiding for this girl 🙂

So, in that light, I give you this:

Prepared by my Bermuda-raised, ocean-fed husband :)

My first foray into the world of real seafood cuisine

I didn’t cook this, my Bermuda-raised husband did.  Pan seared Garlic-butter shrimp.  My whole life I have said “um, no thanks” to any seafood that didn’t come wrapped in newspaper from the local fish and chip place.  What was I thinking?  This was so yummy.  I feel so stupid for waiting so long to open my mind up to trying it.  Of course, it just reinforces that flexibility really is the way to roll.  Black or white doesn’t work for all of life’s situations people, it’s all about the shades of gray sometimes.

Oh, and as for the state of affairs around here?  5 has been throwing up all morning, 3 is on a rampage to torment 7 and 19 months, and 17 is still a frickin’ teenager.  Oh, and we have a house showing booked for later today and I have to get the house ready while corralling the four youngest and kicking 17’s butt into gear.  Um, Help!?!?

So, have you tried to sell your house with small children running around?  Any tips or tricks to share?  My husband doesn’t believe in duct tape, so that’s out (I already went there, in my mind anyway)  🙂