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Yesterday the big truck came and moved all of our furniture and the like to our new home. Now, the task of unpacking, continuting to purge and organize will begin. OMG I have SO MUCH TO DO! But I’m so, so happy to be in the new house and just know that it’s going to be an amazing move for our family and our futures. My eldest son decided not to move with us, so he has moved in with a friend’s family and while I wish he had choosen differently and that I could have all my babies with me now, and while that makes things bittersweet for me, I know that he’ll find his way and be ok too, ’cause Momma just knows it.

I’ll update and post more later, once I have time to find the power supply to my laptop, because right now I am on borrowed battery time – opps!

But even more importantly, where the hell are all my clothes!?!?!

Happy, happy days 🙂

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