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The day when enough was enough, my girl came through.

This sign is now posted on our front door. The sign reads:"We are happy at our church. We don't want to chage at all our faith." Β  As is happens,…

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Kid conversations. Or, Being schooled using a banana analogy

So, this conversation happened at my house tonight: 10 year-old: UGH! This banana has a HUGE bruise! Blech! *insert lots of gagging noises* 6 year-old: *insert hand gestures and adult…

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Is his depth equal than or greater than my ditz?

A brief, recent, and real exchange with Paxton, age 7 1/2 years. Pax, while eating his lunch: "In life, you just gotta have a lotta patience." Me, half listening: "Hmmmm?…

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