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Word of the Day - Sloven

A new lease on life, that’s what this must be! I have now been consistent enough to post two days in a row, and kept my word about what the post would contain. Day three is still touch and go, but I’ll take the win of posting today instead of wallowing in anticipatory self-hatred over failing to post on day three. Today’s word is Sloven. It occurs to me as I’m sitting here that I am now two for two on words that evoke slightly negative or depressing imagery. Fingers crossed that day three brings a rainbow or unicorn or anything scandalous or salacious, really.

Hmmm. It may be time for me to investigate some new hobbies. But that sounds like it will take so much effort. Sigh. Nope, probably not going to happen. Almost positive that I’ll opt to continue to procrastinate, at least I KNOW that I excel at that!

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