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So, while I try to rekindle my relationship with words and entice them to fall into sentences that I feel are marginally literate and moderately humorous, I’ve decided to commit to posting one random word of the day that teaches us about the history of the word, not merely the meaning. Because some people love history and some people hate history, but all people use words and knowing more about the words we use can never be a waste of time. Right? So here is today’s word of the day: Erosion. Chosen at random by closing my eyes, flipping open the dictionary and jabbing my finger at a word, opening my eyes and typing it up. Ugh, fine. I actually went through the initial steps three times because the first two words I landed on were uninspiring and I’m weak and often break the deals that I make with myself if I can change the rules quickly enough to fool myself into believing that I’m still maintaining the spirit of the deal. I know. Issues. I have issues. And run-on sentences. I’d say that it is just part of my charm, but I dry the line at outright dishonesty. I mean, I do need to at least attempt to maintain some standards, right?

Tune in tomorrow for another (mostly) randomly generated word of the day, complete with life story and more than likely some inane ramblings of a woman who spends too much time thinking and not enough time waxing. Ah, just look at me sitting here delighting in the perks of getting older (and fleecier, apparently).


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