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Well, I’ve made it. Day three and unfortunately the random words have not improved significantly. I suppose a bridge could be a positive thing, or at least a neutral object, but when combined with the words of the previous two days, I’m not feeling terribly optimistic. I saw the word bridge on the dictionary’s page under my finger, and I immediately pictured myself driving off a bridge, a la Thelma and Louise, except it was just me, because the guilt of taking someone else with me would likely kill me before my car had the chance to explode into a fireball when it crashed at the bottom of whatever bridge from which I launched. And it wasn’t a convertible but a minivan. And also no, not entirely sure why there was no water at the bottom of my imaginary plunge, but alas, there we have it. Even in my imaginary world, nothing makes sense and I’m guilt-ridden, awkward and driving a minivan.

On the upside, I did eat some ice cream yesterday. So, all is not lost, right?

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