How quickly I forget. No really. I actually totally forgot.

It’s only Day 2 of NaBloPoMo and I had already forgotten about it.  So comfortable in fact, that I settled into our Saturday routine without a second thought.  And then it hit me.  I said (only yesterday) that I would try to blog everyday this month and if I do not even open up the page then by definition, I’m not trying.  I maybe am thinking about trying, but not I’m actually trying.  So, here goes nothing, Day 2.

Actually.  That is a word that is thrown around my house with surprising frequency. For example:

“What are you crying for? You actually hit me first and I didn’t even actually do anything to you even after you actually punched me in my back and actually broked my spine. Thanks a lot !” (crying child actually required an ice pack while speaking child did not require a body cast or traction, or actually any type of medical intervention.  Hmmmm.)

“No Mummy, him did actually hit me in me tummy for purpose and hurted me.”

“She was actually really bugging me and I wasn’t doing anything at all to her.  She’s just crying for no reason.”

“No <insert name>, that’s actually not a cool car, it’s just a Sunfire, ha!” (no offence to Sunfire owners, I live with car snobs – they are eight years old and under though, so just about every car is better than what they drive – hee hee hee).

“I’m actually almost 10, only 14 more months.”

“Mummy, I don’t actually like this dinner. It is actually pukey and makes me sick. What’s for dessert?” (Totally didn’t throttle the speaker of this one, but man, it took restraint. Where’s my medal?  Oh right, no medal, I’m just a mom).

“Are we actually crazy for not drinking in this madhouse or just kind of crazy?!?” (Me.  Often.)

Completely off topic, this nasty little slugs or slimely whatevers were actually eating one of my trees last month.  Anyone know what they are?

Completely off topic, this nasty little slugs or slimey whatevers were ACTUALLY eating one of my trees last month. Anyone know what they are? Because I hate them.  Even though they are living creatures and everything has a right to live and blah blah blah, if they show up again next year, I need to know how to annihilate the legless vultures.

Day two.  I think I’ve owned you.  Checkmate.

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