Getting and having the flu during warm weather is balls.

I cannot believe it. I finally have a house full of healthy kids (woot!) and I wake up yesterday with my throat ON FIRE. But in my usual optimistic way, I decided to ignore it, and will it away. My methodology was flawed. And as a result, I was up most of the night tossing and turning, my head aching, my joints doing a constant dull roar and my throat as fiery as ever. The cherry on top was the continued irritation of the root canal that I had part one of earlier this week.

I am truly having a moment of self-pity and sadness. It’s finally, FINALLY, a gorgeous, sunny, warm day outside, primed for getting all kinds of things done outside and all I want to do is drink copious amounts of tea, take WAY too many drugs and pray that sleep overtakes me until I wake up full of energy and pain-free.

I’ve never been a great sickie. I push through the pain, sure, I do. That’s what maternal units do, isn’t it? I got the kids to swimming lessons this morning, did breakfasts and lunches. I’m about to go and toss a couple of chickens in the oven to roast for dinner, but inside I’m weepy and whiny and feeling oh, so achy and pathetic.

Ok, enough of my pity party. The fat lady (me) has sung, so it’s over. Before I go, I’ll share a bit of happy news – my nest is once again full. All five of my lovely babies are under one roof again.  It’s a temporary thing, a few months probably, but still. It does this mama bear’s heart a whole lot of good being able to see all of my people each and every day.

And finally, I’ll leave you with this tidbit of wonderful from Maya Angelou:

I'm giving the quest to achieve normal and starting the quest achieving a more complete me. Right after this flu fucks off, that is.

That settles it, I’m giving up the quest to achieve normal and starting the quest of achieving a more complete Me. Right after this flu fucks off, that is.

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