My literal, if not linguistical, smalls have the best conversations

First, let me say that technically “linguistical” is not a word, but in reality it works.  Just to make sure that I was spelling this non-word correctly, I did what any self-respecting cacographer would do and I Googled that shit.  And this is what I found:


So, while “not in technical use” it does not flat-out state that you CANNOT use it, just that it is not in use.  So now it is, because I just used it.  LOVING the Google, as always!

But really, what all of this is leading to is the overheard conversation my three and four-year-olds had in the car the other morning on the way back from swimming.

Paxton (4): Muuuuuuur-and-da!  Say ‘swimming suit’ in French!

Miranda (3): Swimming suit in French.  Me say it, Mummy!  Me say swimming suit in FRENCH!

Paxton (clearly disappointed with the direction the conversation has gone): Oh, Muuur-and-da.

and then, without missing a beat: Do you want to play Big Bad Wolf when we get home?

Miranda: Yaaaaa!

These miniature people have much to teach me.  In that short exchange, they faced with elation, disappointment and frustration and made plans for the future with ZERO conflict.  And they did come home, have a snack and play Big Bad Wolf, until Paxton decided that it would be better to play Big Nice Wolf, because it’s not nice to be bad in the game and it would be more fun to be a nice wolf.  Of course, Miranda wasn’t interested in being a nice wolf, but they reached a compromised and played ‘going to the beach’ instead.  Win-win-win.  It is the BEST when any of my kids can reach a Peace Accord without my intervention! 🙂

Summer is swimming along.  Camp, swimming lessons, and wolves.  Happy kids = Happy Mama.  From 42°C heat wave last week to a low of 12°C overnight tonight, one thing is certain, and that is weather is an unpredictable asshole so enjoy what we have today, because there could be a blizzard tomorrow.

Lessons are out there to be learned, people.   *Not my photo, but cannot find a source to credit, so we'll credit "Unknown cat photographer" for this one.

Lessons are out there to be learned, people.
*Not my photo, but cannot find a source to credit, so we’ll credit “Unknown cat photographer” for this one.



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