I Wish I Had A Money Tree

Because if it grew the way my zucchini seems to, we would be so flush with money it would almost be embarrassing – but only almost.  I don’t think that I would actually be embarrassed at all.  I would be too busy making our family’s dreams (that involve money anyway) come true.  And I think that a Money Tree is a fair and reasonable wish, since I have not yet been given or found a Grace and Beauty Tree, a Big Boobs with a Tiny Waist Tree, a Babysitter Tree, or an Insanely Long Eyelashes Tree.

Deacon’s Zucchini Moustache. You can hardly even tell that it is him with this disguise. If we had a money tree, I could buy him some really top drawer disguises so the poor kid wouldn’t be using various veggies to create his ‘looks.’ Please send the Money Tree.

But when I was done all that dream fulfilling, I might slow down to be a little bit embarrassed.  But probably not.

Pax and the Great Zucchini – Just like James and The Giant Peach, except there are no bugs in ours and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t fly, and even though he looks like a character, I’m almost positive that he’s not an actual cartoon rendering. Good Lord, please just send that Money Tree, thanks.

Now, where can I find me a Money Tree that acts like this friggin’ zucchini plant does.  I promise if I get one, I’ll make money cookies, muffins, bread and patties for every one of you.  Pinky swear.

One half of M&M holding the zucchini beast. The other M was out running around in the backyard and could not be caught for a picture. We’ll rope him in next time though! Lasso lessons, anyone? Can’t you see that I really, really, need that Tree?!?

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