My Couponing and Shopping The Sales Challenge. The February Results

Okay.  So.  Ya, well, um, ya.  I think I’m a dismal failure (again) this month *thud*

Back on February 1st, I posted my shopping goals for the upcoming month.  They were good goals.  They were noble goals.  They were goals, that appear to have been WAY out of my reach.

But it’s not entirely my fault (ya right, chica, ain’t nobody believing that story again).  No, but really!  Who could have predicted a product pairing that gave you TWO full-sized products which would normally cost anywhere from $2.49 to $3.49 EACH would go on sale for $2.49 for BOTH and that you (or, I, in this case) could match it with a $.75 coupon and end up paying $1.74 – or, half the price of ONE of the items?  I mean, come on now!  And yes, these were both products that my family goes through A LOT of – because my family is awesome and there’s just no helping that.

What can I say? My kids are budget conscious creatures too, I guess.

But, all besides the point.  The point is that I completely blew the budget and the number of shopping days/trips challenge, LARGE.

My grocery budget goal to feed and keep clean my family of feral (but totally awesome) monkeys (and man) was (and is) $500.00 a month.

To recap, here were January’s stats:

Coupon savings – $337.33
Shopping the Sale Price savings – $321.59
Over Budget – $265.33 (Ouch!)
Number of Shopping Days – 7 (Opps!)

and here are February’s stats:

Coupon savings – $208.98
Shopping the Sale Price Savings
– $469.99
Over Budget – $128.90
Number of Shopping Days –
15 (or, embarrassingly enough, more than TWICE January’s number)

Ok, now I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that I actually did better  this month than I did last month.  And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, I’ll give you that.  But I shopped on 15 out of 29 days of the month – that’s over HALF.  That’s too much.  My challenge isn’t just to save money, but it’s to save resources and time and these stats show that I spent way too many of both this month.

A new month is starting tomorrow.  I better get my ducks in a row, because there are 31 days and I definitely don’t want to spend half of them shopping. 😉

For March, my goals include: $500 grocery budget and spend only part of 6 days of the month spending it 🙂

Are you tracking your spending/savings?  How are you doing?  What do you track and how strict are you with yourself?

I’m not an extreme couponer, but

I do love me some coupons!  For 2012 I have decided to track just how much money I am saving our family by shopping sales, ad matching and using coupons.  I’ll post my monthly totals on the last day of the month (if I’ve done the final shopping for the month).  My hope is that posting, it will keep me motivated and accountable.  I’m trying to shop once a week, although I’ve kind of rationalize the weekend into being one day, so in reality, for the past two weeks, I have shopped on both Saturday and Sunday 😉  And, for honesty’s sake, I will be shopping once more this week for milk and a few other super sale items, mostly likely at Wal-Mart in town.

All this, and $12 in coupons for FREE delivered via UPS! And using said coupons resulted in more free and almost free Kellogg's products 😉 Thank you Kellogg's!

I’m tweaking our grocery budget and trying to get it as low as possible and still have lots of fresh, healthy food for everyone.  Note:  The free swag cereals are not ones that I have ever purchased (we’re all about the Shreddies, Special K and Cheerios around here) and I don’t think that sugar cereals actually are good breakfast choices, so we’ll use them for treats and snacks 🙂  The Gluten Free Rice Krispies will either be eaten as is or made into the never nutritious but always delicious Rice Krispie squares 😉

It’s just too easy to spend oodles of money at grocery stores, especially when one (um, ok, I) like to need to have a relatively healthy stockpile of everything my family uses and eats.  It practically gives me heart palpitations to run completely out of something – probably because I know if it’s not on sale that week that I’ll have to pay, gasp!,  full price 😉  But no, I don’t have rooms full of shelves full of cereal, chocolate bars and Gatorade, that just ain’t how Honey Badger rolls *grin*

In other news, Mr. KB and the three youngest boys went somewhere very new, fun and exciting yesterday.  As soon as I have the pictures, I’ll share 🙂  Moon and I had our own adventures yesterday too, no pictures to share, but we had lots of laughter and fun too (thank you again and again, Mel!) 🙂