Family bike rides just got so much easier and I’m not complaining

It’s no secret that I loved, loved, loved being pregnant and having babies and raising babies and cuddling babies and everything about being with my babies 24/7. It is also no secret that part of my life has come to a close. So rather than having a depths-of-dispair pity party for myself, I’ve decided to appreciate, enjoy and NOTICE what a blessing it is to be surrounded by bigger, older, stronger kids. And the first blessing on that list this week? Family bike rides. No more baby seats, no more tricycles, training wheels or 12″ bikes that take A LOT of peddling for VERY LITTLE distance. The only pain I feel now is the burning of my thighs as I try to peddle myself up even the smallest of inclines. 🤦🏼‍♀️

That’s right, the last small of my smalls has ripped her training wheels off and is flying down the roads (staying mostly at the side and always wearing a helmet) and this development has transformed family bike rides from long, treacherous affairs to enjoyable, fun experiences.

No, really.

Deacon’s squeal at the very end of the video was because he thought he saw a butterfly but it was enough to startle me. 😂

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7 thoughts on “Family bike rides just got so much easier and I’m not complaining

  1. I actually am excited for the day both of my kids are older and more independent. My youngest turns 2 and I am not too thrilled about the kinda terrible twos and definitely terrible threes. My oldest is 4 and that I can handle. My mom always tells me take it each day because one day I will miss them when they’re young. That may be true, but I am independent and cannot wait until I don’t exhaust myself just by watching a two year old! Love the post!

    • Thank you 🙂 I loved everything about ‘the twos’ and found the real trouble starting at ‘the threes’ If ever I were going to start drinking in the afternoon, it would have been while parenting a three-year-old. LOL! It gets different, I won’t say easier, because the challenges merely change, not disappear, but it is rather nice not having to deal with every. single. need. constantly. I love how much my now-older (23, 12, 10, 8, 7) kids can do for themselves WITHOUT Mummy’s help. 🙂

  2. I love your authenticity and honesty! It is a true picture of motherhood and the every day struggles we face. You had me laughing to myself and celebrating with you over the major accomplishment of no training wheels!

    • I agree, it always has been 🙂 But there was something about reaching that milestone with my youngest and last baby that was incredibly bittersweet, so necessitated a shift in perspective to resist being too sad about it. 🙂 Having bike rides made easier is definitely a huge PLUS though! Lol!

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