I choose to believe that this illiterate is loving me

Although I am somewhat fairly certain I am not his intended recipient.  But I’m the one who cared enough to take a picture and immortalize it, so I think that I deserve something, no?  Anyway, I am pretty sure this sign is not for me.  Not because no one loves me of course, but rather because my husband did not graduate from the local education system and his spelling is spot on when it comes to all of those four-letter words.  The ‘L’ word being my favourite, but the ‘F’ word is a very close second.  So, Happy Valentine’s Day, to the boy who loooves someone.  I sure hope that she sees the romantical* side of your declaration and chooses not to judge you neither on your grammar nor your lackluster execution.  I mean, just because I want to poke you in the eye with a butter knife, doesn’t mean she will want to as well.  She may totally dig dudes with poor spelling and mad skills with a black sharpie.  But just as a Plan B, take heed and get her flowers and some chocolate.  Stat.  Yes, yes, the thought is the most important thing, but when your thought is moderately illiterate and kind of sort of ghetto, you need to supplement that thought with chocolate, if you’re not showing up with really sparkly diamonds.


Happy Valentines Day, Keswick and beyond!  Make it a good one.


* Yes, I am aware that “romantical” is not really a word.  But Mike in Monsters Inc. says it and I have always thought it fit certain situations too perfectly.  This is one of those situations.

** Yes, I am similarly aware that I am an asshole for hacking on someone’s Valentines efforts.  I’m good with that.

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