I Spent Days And Days Of My Life Watching Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink and…

it was all for naught.  All those wasted hours learning about high school and proms and boyfriends and best friends only to find out that LIFE was not like that AT ALL.

In a previous life, I was a Class Action Litigation Law Clerk.  And the remnants of that law clerk are feeling a helluva class action suit against Hollywood and Molly Ringwald for leading me, (and I’m sure thousands of others) astray.  My high school didn’t remotely resemble The Breakfast Club.  There were no preppy guys with sports cars bought with Daddy’s money throwing drunken parties in their mansions, as we were promised in Sixteen Candles.  And certainly not one of us girls owned a killer little pink Karmann Ghia to zip around town in a la Andie in the aforementioned Pretty in Pink.

Life during the Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club days was actually a really fun time, filled with hope for what was to come and looking further ahead I just knew that we would have glamorous grown up lives like the fresh-out-of-college gang in St. Elmo’s Fire.  I mean, come on!  Really? I was that naive?  Yes, I suppose I was.  But at least I admit it.  As jaded and hardened as I may appear now, I do remember the innocence and excitement of those years.

And do I really wish that I did live the Brat Pack life?  No.  I pretty happy with where I’ve landed.  But I really wish that I had gone to prom.  Beneath my worn-down goddess of house and home exterior is a fairly die-hard girly girl who loves sparkly things, beautiful dresses, uncomfortable shoes and tiaras.  Mr. KB has told me that had I gone to prom that I would have been Prom Queen and hearing that makes my eyes tear up and my heart smile, because no matter what else was true of me in high school, before or since, to him, I was the prettiest girl there.  And, thinking about it now, why would I ask for more than that, when the love of my life thinks that I’m beautiful, and did from the moment he saw me all those years ago?  And then still thought so when we met again all those years later?  Well, I would not ask for more than that, because for me, that is the best.  Ever.

What got me thinking about prom you ask?  Well, Keswick High School had their prom last Thursday and my son, Declan, was all tuxed up with his Prom Queen at his side.  They both looked so beautiful (and she was so frickin’ sparkly, I was dyyyyying with envy!!).  I haven’t asked her permission to post her picture, but I will post one of my boy, all dolled up and ready to prom the night away.

and only because I rarely have all five of my babies in one place at one time and sitting kind of still (smiles from all were too much to ask for):

If this were a different sort of blog (Um, insert any small town reference here) those would all be his kids that he was posing with on Prom Night, but alas, it’s my blog and so they are all my kids. *grin*

What about you?  Did you go to your (or someone else’s) prom?  Was it everything you were promised it would be in the movies? (if it was you are NOT in my class action suit, so don’t even ask!) Or were you pleasantly surprised, totally disappointed or generally pretty happy with the whole experience?  Or were you so tanked that you only remember the night through the pictures your friends blackmail you with?

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