Sideswiped. I just wish it was by life instead of Mr. R.

Well, that was a busy, eventful weekend.  Busy, busy, busy was the name of the game.  Until, that is, I was sideswiped while driving along the Queensway in Keswick  No one was hurt, but my van, which was new to us just six months ago, has a mangled fender and is scraped all along the driver side.  So sad. 🙁

I took it for an estimate and the quote is upwards of $4000.  So, so sad. 🙁

Luckily, the other driver (Mr. R.) was a stand-up guy, and admits liability and fault, so once the insurance companies get together and break bread over this unfortunate incident, my insurance rates should remain stable and after a brief period of a rental van and the inconveniences involved in having a car repaired, our lives should resume normally.  Unless Mr. R. changes his tune.  And then I’ll have to employ ninja warriors to review the sequence of events with him to clear the cobwebs and make the truth stand out.  Yes, ninja warriors sound like just the ticket.  We need a whole lot more ninja warriors in Keswick.  Or maybe teenage mutant ninja turtles?  Either/or, I’m not so fussy. 😉

Even in a town this small, accidents happen everyday.  Some are avoidable (like this one – people, please, please, please – before changing lanes, ALWAYS do your shoulder check and make sure you’re clear.  It’s called a Blind Spot for a reason.  Checking your mirrors is only the FIRST step.  Thank you) and some are a result of a series of events that align at just the right (wrong) moment and kaboom – accident-city.  So, in almost five years, I’m at two accidents, neither my fault, but both left me having to deal with the aftermath.  Argh.

This probably will stop happening to me when I’m crowned Queen of the World, but then again, maybe not *grin*

Just one shot of the damage - the whole driver's side is scraped 🙁

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