This and that with a dash of WHAT?!?

First, the good.

I believe that today was our last day for leaf pick up.  Our over-full and half-full leaf bags lazed slovenly against the side of our house, not caring or even trying to get themselves to the curb for pick up.  Fuckers.  So, how is this The Good?  Well, it’s the good because I hauled four of those mo-fo’s to the curb and even though I had seen the truck go in the other direction and knew that the chances were slim to none that they would be picked up, I was, wait for it, OPTIMISTIC.  Or delusional.  Whatever blows your hair back, I guess.

So as I’m pulling the over-full green bin to the curb, another garbage truck driving on the opposite side of the road pulls over and the dude on the back hops off the truck.  I was all like “are you going to take my leaves?!?” and he was all like, “yup.”  And then I was all like, “hold on!  I have lots more!” and I scampered, like a loser fool to try to haul more of the bags to the curb.  And you know what?  Not only did these fine leaf collectors not scoff at me, they actually HELPED me take the bags from the side of the house.  I didn’t have to do another thing!  HEROS!

Ok, so the truck was white, the guys weren't wearing blue hats, but other than that, it's spot on!

So that’s the good.  HUGE shout out to the guys collecting leaves in Keswick today.  You guys rock (and I’m thinking of baking you Christmas treats this year)!

UPDATED:  Well, Christmas treats didn’t happen.  My intentions were good (as always, ho hum) but my time management skills failed me miserably and the baking never really got past the ‘thinking about’ stage.  There is always room for improvement and I’m full steam ahead 🙂

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