Miscellany with a side of stabbiness

Everyday, I update the little Christmas countdown board. When I forget, my 10 year-old is very good at making sure that a) I know it and b) I fix it. So, that’s covered.

The shopping is coming along. There’s already WAY TOO MUCH stuff in this house and Christmas isn’t going to lighten the load any. I quest to declutter is a losing battle right now. I’m feeling quite defeated, I must admit. But, on the upside, I have enough Lego now to build myself a new minivan when mine gives up the ghost.

My weight and my stress level are creeping back up, so I know that it’s time to do something about both those things. Likely tending to one will resolve the other, so really, I just knocked that list down by half. Go me!

Airmiles announced this week that Airmiles will no longer expire. Well, that’s just fucking great. Now that I redeemed almost all of them because I’d rather have shit I didn’t want or need that lose TEN YEARS of collecting effort. Not impressed. Less than a month before they are all set to expire, Airmiles ‘changes its’ mind.’ Um. fuck you very much, Airmiles, you asshole.

And, in more amusing news, last week, I was accused of English being my second language, by someone who, by my estimation, (based on her online writing) is functionally illiterate in English. Are you eff’ing kidding me? To be fair, her exact comment was: “Thanks for the long comment but you may not fluent in English? Read my post again.” Her badly written original question was looking for ways that she could improve her son’s French (“Can anyone give advice if I want my 11 year old son improves his French ?”). I gave her a few suggestions and at the end threw it out there that immersion isn’t for everyone, so not to stress too much if English is a better program for him. Vowed not to help stupid people again. Well, I will, because I can’t say no, but only the polite ones from now on.

Also, if Spellcheck tries, just one more time, to auto-correct “stabby” to “shabby” I am going to get all kinds of cranky. I am NOT shabby. Nor am I “stubby.” But I most definitely AM stabby.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


This And That And Spring Came Early

It’s smile inducing and worrisome at the same time.  I mean, such drastic changes in our weather can’t be a good thing, can it?  What have we (as a race) done to the planet and environment that has caused winter in Canada to be shorter, warmer and clearer than ever before?  Tomorrow is the First Official Day of Spring.  But I think that we all know that Spring has been here for a while now.

I can get all maudlin about what it all means (as I am genetically programmed to do), or I can choose to be happy about warm sunshine and bright skies and celebrate all the wonderous ways that Spring is making it’s appearance.

Our rhubarb is blooming – woooo hoooo!

Somehow, an onion I didn’t see last fall is growing now – it survived the winter and is smiling at Spring


I'm totally taking this one with me when we move - it's got a serious will to live!

The tulips are spouting and getting ready to bloom


Must remember to plant bulbs at the new house!

The kids are playing, coat-less and happy at the park and in the yard

** Those pictures on are on my phone – I’ll find the cable and d/l them.  Honestly!  What kind of mother am I?

The birds are singing, the squirrels and chipmunks are dashing around and last night we saw our first… MISQUEITOES!  Booo!  Hisss!  They need to push-off, for sure!  *grin*

March Break

We survived March Break.  Had the weather not been so beautiful, we may not have done.  Many trips to the park and much ‘outside’ time was the key to success.  Also, the boys still had Tae Kwon Do every night, so keeping that part of their routine helped things more ‘normal’ for them.

Stilettos & Sneakers

This Just-for-Women show, for, about and by women is happening this Saturday, March 24th in Newmarket.  For details, check out the Talk of the Town Events website.  I haven’t been able to make it to one yet, but I’m hoping to get to the next one 🙂

And in moving news…

Our closing day is just over 3 weeks away (!!) and Mr. KB has been working tirelessly on getting all the outside stuff ready, his garage, cars, etc.  I’ve started packing boxes of things that we definitely won’t need (I learned by lesson about packing the wrong things away  – I packed all my shampoo thinking we’d be moving a lot sooner and actually had to go and buy more – not on sale – while all of mine sits in a box in a storage unit – noooooo! *grin*).  Knick knacks, kitchen stuff that only gets used once a year or less (um, why do we have it then?!?), books and dvd’s that we won’t have time to watch for a while (I’m thinking months more than weeks on that one!) and the like.  We have two weeks after closing to get everything ready for the movers to come and move all our stuff, and it sounds like a ton of time, but I know I’m fooling myself.  The time will pass in a flash *grin*

How did you survive March Break?  Are you planting a garden this year and have you already started?  Any tips or tricks to share about moving house?