What is the longest you have gone? Food for thought. Part 1

Ten questions. No wrong answers. Just trying to get a handle on some relative truths and whether or not ‘normal’ exists (my working hypothesis is that it does not). Also, thinking about your answers may provide a little food for thought or clarity if you’ve been struggling with one of these issues lately. I know that I certainly have been questioning just about everything for the last little while.

Food for thought. Part 1

What is the longest period of time that you have gone:

  1. Not talking to your spouse?
  2. Not being talked to by your spouse?
  3. Without cheating on a diet or exercise program?
  4. Without alcohol (for social drinkers) or other favourite vice?
  5. Without being online, checking email, Facebook, etc.?
  6. Without taking a shower?
  7. Without having sex, or really even wanting to have sex (while in or out of relationship – no judgements here)?
  8. Without the urge to pop a blackhead, pimple, or other skin imperfection. How about plucking an errant hair or skin snag? Yours or someone else’s?
  9. Without shaving your legs or armpits or face?
  10. Without talking to your parents (or kids)?

I’m a curious person by nature. Some may say nosy, but I reject that assessment and remain steadfast in my belief that I am interested, curious and concerned. I am also really invested in making sure that I am not living on a completely other planet because, you know, I am raising kids here. ????

But it sometimes crosses the line and earns you a punch in the nose. But, that's the price you pay for growing your brains.

But it sometimes crosses the line and earns you a punch in the nose. And, that may just be the price that you pay for growing your brains.