It takes a village, so thank you.

First off – thank you. Thank you for understanding that sometimes, the diabolical twins, Depression and Anxiety show up and while they are not invited guests, nor do I want them around, they appear nonetheless. Depression shows up at the least opportune times and takes over without warning or consultation. Depression and its sidekick Anxiety are lying, selfish bullies. Secondly, thank you for your suggestions and advice. I have read each message and taken something valuable away from each one. Thank you for hanging out and reading with and writing to me, even when I’m decidedly unfunny. And finally, thank you for sharing your stories with me and trusting me with your struggles.

It takes a village to raise a child. We’ve all heard that. What many of us, myself included, are slowly realizing is that it also takes a village to raise and maintain healthy, productive, involved and compassionate adults (who will in turn raise all those village children). Isolation is a killer. Semi self-isolation is a necessity for me at times, but I am unbelievably grateful to know that just beyond the horizon of sadness lies laughter and light, just waiting to welcome be back.

What brought Depression into my world this time? Who knows. I doubt it even matters. I do not know where my life will lead me. I do not know who I’ll meet along the way. I do not know who will stay or who will leave, but I do know that I will continue on this life journey, road-blocks, pitfalls, darkness and all. And I will continue to learn, hide, adventure, love, cry, laugh, fall and feel along the way.