I needed something nice to happen this week

I really, really needed something nice to happen. And just when I think that I am out of luck, it happens. And I have my eight-year-old son to thank. As an added bonus, it is nice when other people see how sweet one of your children can be.

This week, Deacon won a prize at school. And believe me when I say, it was a big deal.

When I saw him in the hall during the school’s lunch hour, he told me that he ‘won a present for Miranda.’ I asked him how, and he told me that he won a prize and he chose a doll for his sister.

“Here,” he said, pushing it toward me, “you give it to her.”
“No, honey, you go and give it to her, it was so sweet of you to choose it for her, I know that she’ll love it. She’s in her classroom.”

And off he shuffled, down the hall to her classroom.

A few moments later, Miranda’s teacher came in to ask me if I knew what Deacon had done for his sister. She told me that when he gave it to Miranda, that Miranda covered him with kisses and hugs. And later, after lunch, another staff member asked me if I had heard what Deacon had done and how sweet it was of him.

That night, as a special treat for all of them, instead of yogurt for a bedtime snack, my smalls had ice cream. And to say thank you to Deacon, he got a special addition of chocolate sauce on his ice cream. Which may not sound like a lot to you, but my kids know that if Mummy is giving them chocolate or candy anything, it must be for a pretty special reason.

I am always proud of my kids. They are smart, kind-hearted, sweet, talented, good kids. But this week, I took special pride in Deacon. He showed selflessness, generosity, and thoughtfulness towards his baby sister. And to me, that tells me that he’s growing up just right and that my mistakes, which have been plentiful, have not made a mess of everything. Because beyond the fighting, squabbling, whining and tantrums, they, my five baby loves, are perfect. Each of them, totally, completely and without a doubt.

And because of their daily reminders, like Deacon’s gift to Miranda, I will continue to strive to be a better mom for all of them, a better role model, a better person, just better.

This week, in our house, this is the look of love.

This week, in our house, this is the look of love.

Another reason why I love living on the fringe of Keswick proper (and once again, I narrowly escape the po-po and lock up)

The other day my four smalls and I were on our way to Tae Kwon Do when what catches my eye on the grassy part of the roadside?  Something red.  Very red.  And lots of it.

I jam the brakes bring the van to safe stop, slam it into reverse carefully and cautiously back the van up.  And what did I find?

TOMATOES!  Tonnes of them!  Dummy here was too excited to take a “before” picture, so here is what was left after I took all of the ones that looked completely intact 🙂

And yes, I know.  Before those of you who actually know me and my long history of hating on tomatoes that were not in the form of Heinz ketchup, let me explain.  I’m a grown up now!  I still won’t eat a raw tomato under threat of death, but I do make a pretty good homemade sauce and will totally not hurl if a slice of one finds its way on to my hamburger or sandwich.  I eat it.  I deal.  It’s called maturity people. But I don’t have a lot of it, so please don’t test me on it. I will fail.

Anyway, this is the bounty I recovered:

Free Keswick tomatoes – about 10 pounds of them – wooooo hoooo!  I left about twice this behind for being less-than-perfect.  I can really be a judgmental bitch sometimes (or maybe that’s a mental bitch – I dunno – I got free tomatoes!)

and I abracadabra’d them into about 10-12 cups of diced tomatoes (frozen, not canned) and about 10 cups of yummy, delicious sauce.  For basically free – just a little time and effort (and a whole lot of excited energy – LOL!)

Sauce for days! Mmmmmm mmmmm good! Even my Deacon licked his plate clean and he’s my boy that always asks for his spaghetti without sauce! Chef Boy-ar-who?

But before all of this sexy sauce making and tomato dicing occurred, I committed a minor Criminal Code violation.  Well, technically I did and then I undid it pretty quick-like, but if you cut through all the bullshit, I done did it.  I stole bananas from the grocery store.  But then I went back and paid for them.  So I’m either a really honest person who made a mistake or a really crap thief with an attention deficit disorder.  Or both.  Or neither.  Does it matter?  Really?  I mean, I didn’t have to do any hard time, the police weren’t called, there was no cavity search and no one was hurt – hell, even the store was paid in full for the $1.75 worth of bananas that I had stashed under my stupid Wal-Mart special stroller and promptly forgot about while paying for the over-priced pull-ups for Ms. M.  So really, who was hurt?  Other than me?  Paying too much for overpriced pull ups was painful (but not as painful as I imagine a cavity search would be, so I’m counting my blessings, honestly!), but I’m not the type to hold a grudge, so yes, I returned to the store and paid for the bananas that my babies were going to consume the next morning.  I just couldn’t stomach the thought of feeding them all that bad karma with their legit and innocent Cheerios, you know?

Unstolen bananas just look cleaner and taste better, you know?

So, what have you found, scored or unstolen this week?  Everything counts, everything makes a difference to your bottom line – your financial one or your karma one 😉