Our first organization project post – Under the kitchen sink

Ms. Moon and I decided today that while Rigatoni was at nursery school that we would tackle the mess under the kitchen sink.  I do this at least a couple of times a year and this year, today was the day to start.  There is still a lot of stuff under the sink, we really don’t have anywhere else to store it right now, and having three separate garbage containers to house really eats up the space too.  Green bin garbage hangs on the left door, regular/plastic garbage hangs on the right door and the recycling box sits under the sink.  See?  Not a whole lotta space for a whole lotta stuff 😉

But, we got it done and feel better for having finished it and crossed it off the list of things to do.  Now we have time to make cookies and stuff!  Much more fun 🙂


Our adventures under the sink, in pictures