Our March so far, in as few words as possible

We’re halfway through March already. Wait, what? If 2016 could slow down a bit, I’d be much obliged. This month has been jammed with sick kids, snow, rain, fire, playing and as always, re-evaluating what works, what doesn’t and what I should be changing. But, enough about that. And enough words. Let’s slip into picture mode and let the images do the talking.

What started with a snow day (yay!)

What started with a snow day (yay!)

Lead to a family of snow people (note the belly button and chest hair because that's real life, ya'll) and a virus that felled the youngest of our warriors. But she has seen bounced back and ready to take on whatever the weather throws her way.

Lead to a family of snow people (or ‘squatters’ as I like to think of them) taking up residence in our front yard, (note the belly button and chest hair because that’s real life, ya’ll) and a virus that felled the youngest of my minion warriors. But, fear not as she has since bounced back and is once again ready to take on whatever the weather (or a brother) throws her way.

And of course, the month could only escalate into this:


In other news, Mr. K.B. and I watched the Liam Neeson ‘Taken’ trilogy and it may have made me slightly paranoid (and perhaps just a tad delusional, but I’m not completely on board with that diagnosis yet). Also, anything I can do that gets my 22 year-old to a) talk to me and b) laugh, I’ll take. Any day.

And this brings us right up to March Break, and a few very lovely days with many of my favourite people, hanging out, seeing a movie (Zootopia – CUTE!), exploring the lovely Fenelon Falls and eating far too much un-homemade food. But that’s what March Break is all about, yes?

5/6 of my tribe in Fenelon Falls. Always a good time.

5/6 of my tribe in Fenelon Falls. Always a good time.

Oh, and that would be no friend of mine, just so you know. but just because it sums me up so nicely this month, the requisite unicorn mention. You're welcome.

Oh, and that would be no friend of mine, just so you know. but just because this sums me up so nicely this month, I give you the requisite unicorn mention. You’re welcome. ????

One half of March down, one half still coming our way. I just hope I manage to stay out of jail. Because it’s important to have goals. That’s what is called ‘being an adult.’

March on!

Sunshine, Pizza Picnics And Unidentified Meat: CSI-Style

Wow!  What a weekend.  Admittedly a little brisker than the week that preceded it, but a beautiful, unseasonably warm weekend nonetheless.

We’re in full swing around here, trying to get ready for our upcoming move.  Mr. KB spent most of the weekend working outside and in the garage dealing with tools, car parts and whole cars.  The Smalls played outside on their bikes and loved every moment of the sunshine.  Meanwhile, I tried to get a handle on Mount Laundry and pack more boxes in the house.  I also arranged to close our Enbridge account, move our Hydro One account and our Internet/cable/phone account.  By the way Rogers works, it would appear that we will be offline for almost a week while they dilly-dally the days away, but it is what it is.  At least Hydro One doesn’t have the same moving/hook up procedures!  No electricity for almost a week would be much harder to deal with than no cable and phone (no internet connection is likely what will drive us the craziest!).

After working all day (with a small break to take the boy-smalls for a ‘real’ bike ride (on the side of the road, no less!), Mr. KB and I decided to take all the smalls for a drive and pick up pizza for an impromptu pizza picnic in Jackson’s Point, in Bonnie Park.  It was definitely getting chillier by that time, but the kids loved their pizza (thank you again, Pizzaville – you rock!) and then walking the pier.  We headed home.

But prior to that we encountered the crime scene.  Or, the accident scene.  Or, just a cheesy Canadian television production in progress (good job hiding the equipment and cameras, guys!), maybe the Real Housewives of Sutton is finally in production? (’bout time, y’all!).  Yellow police tape closed off an entire parking lot, and there was a 5×5 square within the parking lot yellow taped.  And people (police?) were standing around it peering down and looking at the ground.  We didn’t stop (although Sutton is deserted on Sundays after 5pm) because it appeared that they had things under control (and our pizza order was waiting for us).  The absence of ambulance led us to believe that no one was hurt, so we decided to stick with the plan and pick up our pizza.

But, you know small towns.  Everyone knows everything that happens before it actually happens and Sutton is no different.  I learned in Pizzaville that according to the convenience store owner said that some “unidentified meat” had been discovered and the police were investigating.  Now, I’m not a professional investigator, but I don’t think it takes a lot of thought to figure out that it’s unlikely that the kafuffle is because someone tossed a steak or a chick leg out their car window.  Ewwwww.

On our way (with our pizza) to the park, there was a person unloading equipment from a CSI’esque SUV.  The plot thickens, hmmmmm?  I won’t repeat all of the rumours, but if an official explanation is released, I will update.  I know that there is nothing I hate more than a story with no closure or proper ending (yes, No Country For Old Men – I’m talking to YOU!).

I may seriously need to rethink the whole family-of-carnivores thing...

Oh, and it is absolutely freezing out today.  I love it when Mother Nature flips us the bird.  Well played, Madame, is all I can (cleanly) say.  😉

And how was your weekend?  Any unidentified meat or other strange goings on?