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Welcome to The Keswick Blog!  Most days, I’m the Keswick Blogger (KB) and everyday I am Allison, a wife of one (a.k.a. Mr. KB), and a mother of five loverly children, four boys, one girl.  My kids range from 20 to four, so at any given moment in time, I’m embroiled in either teenage or toddler drama – remarkably (or not), it’s sometimes difficult to tell the two apart.  For now, all five are living at home. It’s looking like the six-year-old will be looking for his own place soon though – can’t keep a good Pax down (kidding!) I started this blog to share parts of my life here in Keswick (K-Rock, the ‘wick, Newmarket North).  I write about most everything from local shopping, stores and events, to personal finance, to my unruly posse of kids and kids in general, menu planning, gluten-free cooking and baking, home and life organization, marriage and relationships, and the hilarity of life in general, and more specifically, in Keswick (well, my house, actually, but it’s in Keswick, same diff.).

Oh, and I’ll try to throw some product reviews and freebies that are available to my fellow Canucks, if I’ve had personal experience with (and something to say about) the product or freebie.

And, um, yeah, I like dragonflies and flamingos.  I can’t help it, I just do.  At least it’s not teddy bears and long walks on the beach (but those things are ok too, I guess).

I post miscellany, stupidity, happiness and sadness.  I post about bargains, rip-offs, and bad drivers.  I blog my truths, and they may not be yours and that’s okay because they are mine.  I try to be nice to others (unless I think he/she is an asshole) and I expect others to me nice to me (unless they think that I’m an asshole, in which case they can, um, leave?).

The blog will grow and change as I do.  I’m glad you’re here – always feel free to contact me, either via email at thekeswickblog at gmail dot com (just remove the spaces and format it like an actual email address) or leave me a comment on any post.

So, what do you want to read about?  Drop me a line at thekeswickblog at gmail dot com or leave a comment on any post and let me know, I’ll probably be happy to oblige ;)  Otherwise, the blog is all over the place: The Keswick Blog on Facebook or ‘Follow’ along on Twitter or check out The Keswick Blog on PinterestThe Keswick Blog on Instagram now, find thekeswickblog there to see some random things that do not make it to Facebook or the main blog.


Husband – Mr. KB (nah, I don’t call him that around the house, just on the blog *grin*) – works full-time to support the rest of us, can do and fix anything mechanical, the O.G. car guy ’round our house.

Me – Allison, a.k.a. The Keswick Blogger – formerly a litigation law clerk specializing in class action litigation, now a full-time wife, mother, and household manager.  Husband, kids and family come first.  Everything else is second.  Not a car fanatic but I love quite a few said fanatics, and I can drive my automatic minivan like a fiend and, when allowed, shift a mean stick ;)

and the kids:

20 – Declan – son, industrial millwright apprentice and tree service company owner, artist, dreamer, car fanatic and serial car purchaser.

10 – Mason – son, grade 5 student, linguist, Tae Kwon Do black stripe belt, car fanatic and car show* organizer extraordinaire.  Possibly a future linguist or debate team captain.

8 – Deacon – son, grade three student, quick as a whip, Tae Kwon Do black stripe belt, car fanatic and second-in-command to above-noted organizer. Has always been sunshine in a perfectly perfect little boy package.  Has his moments of dark mood clouds, but they pass.

6 – Paxton – son, grade one, puzzle-master, Tae Kwon Do blue belt, car fanatic, not usually invited to said car shows as has a tendency to go Godzilla on them.  Loves the colour orange  and cows almost as much as he loves life itself. He is usually perpetually happy and demands those around him follow suit.

and last but never least,

4 – Miranda – daughter, lovely, fierce, determined, doesn’t care about Tae Kwon Do, is a monster truck fanatic, will attend said car shows on her whim and by no other’s design or demand. Fashionista, pink and purple specialist, ever helpful and funny. Like her mom, she sings non-stop and wants nothing more than a tiara that won’t break.

That’s us in a nutshell.  If you live in Keswick, I guarantee either you’ve seen us around town or you will in the future – we seem to garner a lot of attention wherever we go ;)

*car show – this involves lining up every car, truck, mighty machine, scooter, motorcycle, bus, Hot Wheels anything that we have in the house (numbers run into the hundreds), in such a way as to simulate one of the many car shows we try to attend in the summer months in one of Mr. KB’s classic cars.

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