I over-write far too often. Or I use too many words. Or something like that. Shit.

I just caught myself doing it again. I’m not sure if it’s insecurity, anxiety or just stupidity, but I will write, for example, a blog post, and I will be so worried that people may read something into my words other than what I am trying to convey that I’ll write three times as much just to make sure that any questions or arguments that may be raised against me are addressed in the original post. And see this? I’m about to do it again. But I saw it in time. So I stopped. Because that’s how changing one’s behaviour is done. And it’s also called a life lesson in stopping shit that just stresses you out even more than when you make the trek (10 minutes by car) up to Sutton only to find that the ice cream shop is all out of your favourite flavour (every. single. time. Get it together Kawartha Dairy – that Chunky Turtle or Caramel Snappers or whatever the hell ya’ll have named it could be a life-changer for me – if I could ever get my hands on it, that is. Think of the children, Kawartha Dairy. Do it for the children).

But, as usual, I digress. I know – there’s no fun in always trying to make sure nobody steals your cat or keys your minivan because of some random rant on a blog, but that’s how my mind works and it’s the curse of being someone who despite her best efforts, still wants people to think that she’s not an astronomical shit bag of a human being.So, instead of explaining why I’m ranting about something and trying to make sure that I’ve given enough information to take the sting is out of whatever offensive thing I say next, I think I just need to let ya’ll decide if 1) I’m being an asshole 2) I’m trying to offend you and 3) you need further explanation on something I’ve said.

I can’t promise that I will never write another wordy post. But I’ll try to make more of the extra words really satisfying curse words or Wiccan spells or recipes for most delicious baked goods and fewer of them covering-my-ass explanations. My ass is already WAY covered by my comfy-cozy jammie pants thankyouverymuch.

I shall end this post here. But not before sharing with you this award that I won today. I’m super stoked because I never win anything no matter how hard I cheat. Feel free to give yourself one of these kick ass medals as well, hell, wear it to work tomorrow and share your glorious victory with your work mates (but only if it applies to you because this is now a cheat-free zone). No worries though, if you had a slip-up today, come back when you’re back on track. I’m rooting for you 😉



You’re welcome.

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