Food Waste Friday – Lett-uce Stop The Waste!

Kristen, a.k.a. The Frugal Girl posts her weekly food waste on Fridays. She has inspired me to be more mindful to not waste food, and to use it up before it ends up inedible and fuzzy in the refrigerator. So, I’m jumping on board and joining in the Food Waste Friday fun 😉 This is my fourth week posting and yes, I am noticing a difference in the amount of food my family is (not) wasting anymore!

I know, Lett-uce – what total cheese.  But I did not waste any cheese so that is a good thing!  But, it was not such a good week for greens in our house.  Some shredded lettuce left over from tacos, the ends of the head of lettuce that just never got used and a quarter of a cabbage.  Argh.  I have some more that are ‘at risk’ this week, so I’m thinking it’s time for some kind of salad with dinner tonight.  The Greens carnage around here must end.  It’s bad to waste food, it’s bad to waste money and it sure feels great to use up something in the fridge that you otherwise would have just tossed.  These posts sure are effective at making me think more critically about the true cost of food waste.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

3 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday – Lett-uce Stop The Waste!

  1. I don’t think you did all too badly. It does feel good to rescue something just before it becomes waste! And I always remind myself, it’s not just the wasted food, but the time, energy and earnings it took to obtain that food. That helps motivate me.

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